A Simple Bowl


Getting started with C4D XL, splines and NURBS.


This example introduces a few basic concepts in C4D:

  1. setting up the windows to work in the "front" (XY) view
  2. making a bowl cross section using splines and the points tool
  3. lathing the cross section into a 3D bowl using NURBS
  4. adding a wood shader to make it look like wood
  5. changing the spline to modify the shape of the bowl
  6. fiddling with the wood shader for different effects

Making a bowl: Step 1 - Set up your windows

When you first start C4D, several windows and palettes will be opened for you. Start by arranging these in the most useful layout for your monitor.


The main project window (which starts out as "Untitled") is where most of the action will take place, so make it large enough.


You will also need the Object Manager and the Material Manager, and the default palettes. Leave these around for now. The other stuff can be put away if you need the space on your monitor.

We'll start making the bowl by drawing its cross section. To do this, we want to be looking "flat" at it, so set the main window to the "XY" view by clicking on this palette button:

Now you're ready to make the bowl's cross section --> proceed to step 2.